Valderrama’s hypocrisy over Hornish issue


Ramiro Valderrama

Sammamish City Council member Ramiro Valderrama displayed hypocrisy last Tuesday in his aggressive attempt to force fellow member Tom Hornish to remain on committees following acceptance of a new job in the private sector.

Two years ago, Valderrama sought a new job in the public sector that would have had direct conflict of interest with his city council position. It would have meant choosing between his new job and the council when it came to attending meetings and committee meetings. It likely meant Valderrama would have missed the council’s annual retreat at which goals and committee assignments are made for the coming year.

Yet Valderrama vowed to retain his council position if he got the new job and brushed aside all objections from his constituents.

When Hornish stepped up and recognized time constraints were coming, resigned his position as deputy mayor and stepped off all but one committee, Valderrama—oblivious o his own actions two years earlier—objected and engaged in a transparent attempt to set Hornish up to fail and ultimately force him off the council.

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Candidates emerge for likely County Council run, 45th State Senate

Tom Vance

Tom Vance, who was defeated in November 2015 in his reelection bid for the Sammamish City Council, is gearing up to run against King County Council Member Kathy Lambert, say people familiar with the situation.

Vance has been soliciting endorsements for a run, people tell Sammamish Comment.

He also dropped an expansive Public Records Request on Lambert’s office for 16 years of data for travel records and meeting attendance.

Vance served on the Sammamish City Council from 2012 through 2015. He was mayor in 2014-15. He lost 54%-46% to Tom Hornish. Vance ran for Council in 2009, losing to John Curley 55%-45%. In his successful 2011 campaign, he defeated a weak and unqualified candidate 68% to 32%, only to drop by 22 points in his losing race against Hornish.

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ST3 failing 51.69% to 48.31% in Sammamish after first week of vote count

Analysis of one week’s worth of voting results from Sammamish shows Sound Transit 3 losing here by a 51.69% to 48.30% margin.

Vote counting continues to Nov. 29, when the election results are certified.

Sound Transit 3 is the $54bn mass transit plan that includes $27bn in tax hikes over 25 years.

Sammamish gets reduced bus service out of the plan and a prospective park and ride at the north end.

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Nov. 8 election ballots to be mailed Oct. 19

Ballots for the Nov. 8 election will be mailed Oct. 19 by King County Elections.

Like most states, Washington has early voting, this in the form of mail-in voting.

Because of ballots mailed overseas to expats and military personnel, the state counts ballots for two weeks after Election Day as long as the mailings are postmarked no later than this day.

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Goodman defeats Valderrama in Sammamish with 56.5% of vote

Aug 2 2016 results

Click once on image to enlarge, then click on the image a second time. Write in votes are excluded from the data analysis.

Roger Goodman, the Democrat seeking a sixth term in the State House of Representatives for the 45th Legislative District, defeated Sammamish Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama in his home city in the Aug. 2 primary.

Goodman receive 56.5% of the vote. He carried 21 of 24 precincts and tied in one more.

For Valderrama, who carried every precinct in the city-wide City Council November election in 2015, this is a stunning reversal of fortune.

It’s a clear message from Sammamish voters that they want Valderrama to stay in Sammamish to serve more than a year of his four year term to which he was reelected just 10 months ago.

District-wide, Valderrama received only 38% of the vote in the primary. The primary result historically is a predictor of the final result in the November general election. This is Nov. 8 this year.

A color-coded map and more analysis is after the jump.

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