Nov. 8 election ballots to be mailed Oct. 19

Ballots for the Nov. 8 election will be mailed Oct. 19 by King County Elections.

Like most states, Washington has early voting, this in the form of mail-in voting.

Because of ballots mailed overseas to expats and military personnel, the state counts ballots for two weeks after Election Day as long as the mailings are postmarked no later than this day.

This year’s races

In addition to the high-profile presidential election, all members of Congress are up for election. For Sammamish, this is the 8th Congressional District, in which Republican Dave Reichert is seeking another term.

The US Senate seat held by Democrat Patty Murray is up for election.

The governor’s office is also up for election this cycle. Incumbent Democrat Jay Inslee is seeking reelection.

Other state offices are also up for election.

Three State Legislative districts include Sammamish: the 5th (the greater Klahanie area); the 41st (roughly the southern half of the city, south of SE 8th); and the 45th (the northern half of the city).

The House race in the 45th is of particular local interest. Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama is challenging incumbent Democrat Roger Goodman, who is seeking a fifth two-year term. Valderrama is running as a Republican.

Proposition 1, the measure for a $27bn tax package for a $54bn mass transit plan for Sound Transit, is also on the ballot.

Sammamish demographics

According to the wedsite Facts Web, 70% of the voters in Sammamish’s part of the 45th are registered as Democrats; 28% are registered as Republicans; 2% are registered independents.

This is surprising; the historical voting trends don’t appear to track with this.

Sammamish voters tend to vote conservatively on Initiatives, especially rejecting those with new taxes involved. Bonds and levies, particularly those for the Issaquah School District and public safety levies, tend to be supported. School bond issues for the Lake Washington School District, which is in the 45th, tend to have a tougher time.

Sammamish tends to vote Democratic for US Senate and the presidency, but Republican for Congress and many state-wide offices.


Sammamish Comment will post endorsements beginning Oct. 19.

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