The Sammamish Comment is a volunteer, residents-led news organization, dedicated to keeping the people of Sammamish informed about local and regional issues impacting their lives. We draw on the expertise and integrity of our contributors to shed light on the actions of the city and its officials and to promote transparency.

We hold integrity and accuracy in reporting at the highest regard and provide varied opinions about the issues affecting Sammamish.

Sammamish Comment was founded in 2002 to provide news and comment independent of official city statements, press releases and newsletters.

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Miki Mullor – Editor

Mullor has been a Sammamish resident since 2006. Mullor is a high tech executive and a serial entrepreneur. Mullor, an attorney by education, applies his experience in business and in high stakes litigation to expose governmental misconduct.
Contact: Miki@Sammamish.news

Editorial Board

Mullor is assisted by an Editorial Board made of several residents:

Paul Stickney

Paul Stickney – Born and raised in Southern California. Graduated University of Montana (Missoula) School of Forestry with a Bachelor of Science in Resource Conservation.  Market expert residential real estate broker since 1977.

Moved to the Eastside in 1990 and to Sammamish in 2013.  Involved with Sammamish since its incorporation, but especially so the last five years, having attended virtually every City Council and Planning Commission meeting.

James Eastman

James Eastman – 4th Generation Washingtonian (Great Grandfather came to Seattle in 1917) and a property owner in Sammamish since 2007.  James is passionate about preserving the lake, trees and wildlife that have drawn most of us to live and put down roots in Sammamish and believes that growth is possible with environmentally responsible development in Sammamish. James holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and has 20 years work experience in various construction management positions. 

Kimberly Siegel-Wolf

Kimberly Siegel-Wolf – Kimberly hails from Florida but has been a resident of Sammamish since 2004. She earned degrees in Education, International Relations, and German from Florida State University and the University of Bonn and studied law at Georgia State University. She has taught children of all ages and worked for a Congressman in that other Washington. Her love of Sammamish and strong desire to see it grow responsibly, while maintaining its beauty and reputation as a safe city, have led her to The Comment.

All work on The Comment is volunteer work.