Goodman defeats Valderrama in Sammamish with 56.5% of vote

Aug 2 2016 results

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Roger Goodman, the Democrat seeking a sixth term in the State House of Representatives for the 45th Legislative District, defeated Sammamish Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama in his home city in the Aug. 2 primary.

Goodman receive 56.5% of the vote. He carried 21 of 24 precincts and tied in one more.

For Valderrama, who carried every precinct in the city-wide City Council November election in 2015, this is a stunning reversal of fortune.

It’s a clear message from Sammamish voters that they want Valderrama to stay in Sammamish to serve more than a year of his four year term to which he was reelected just 10 months ago.

District-wide, Valderrama received only 38% of the vote in the primary. The primary result historically is a predictor of the final result in the November general election. This is Nov. 8 this year.

A color-coded map and more analysis is after the jump.

Valderrama is running as a Republican against Goodman. The 45th has two Democrats serving in the House: Goodman and Larry Springer, who is unopposed this year. The State Senator isAug2Pct Map

Andy Hill, a Republican. This seat is not up for election this year.

Goodman is a generally undistinguished House member who survived challenges every term in this Democratic-leaning district. But his reelections have typically been in the 53%-55% range. Valderrama’s performance was the worst for a Republican in any of the three districts covering Sammamish: the 5th,41st and 45th.

Having been reelected last November to his second term on the Sammamish City Council, some of his supporters were upset when he declared for the House seat just months later. Valderrama pledged to continue to serve on the City Council if elected to the House. The conflicts in time were obvious to those upset with his plans, and despite his pledge, his eventual resignation from the Council was considered by many a foregone conclusion.

The overwhelming vote for Goodman is likely in part due to a desire that Valderrama remain on the Council with his full attention here.

Bad timing

But this is also a bad year to be a Republican running in Washington State.

It’s a presidential and gubernatorial year. Democrats turn out in heavy numbers, giving any Republican for any office in the immediate Seattle area an uphill climb.

Additionally, the Republican ticket this year is headed by Donald Trump. Trump’s personality and positions split his own party. Valderrama has waffled on whether he would support Trump and so far hasn’t answered if he will vote for him. Valderrama denounced Trump and his positions, but as yet says only that he has “no plans” to support Trump.

What impact Valderrama’s moving position may have had is a matter of speculation.



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  1. It is very clear, America is marching in the direction of socialism. The Chinese Tsunami is driving up home prices , driving seniors out of their homes due to the ever rising property taxes with no controls in place. The original American way of life is in a downward spiral. [Edited] Governor Inslee has very low standards unfit to guide this State. Sincerely, H.W. Maine Sammamish,WA 98075

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