ST3 failing 51.69% to 48.31% in Sammamish after first week of vote count

Analysis of one week’s worth of voting results from Sammamish shows Sound Transit 3 losing here by a 51.69% to 48.30% margin.

Vote counting continues to Nov. 29, when the election results are certified.

Sound Transit 3 is the $54bn mass transit plan that includes $27bn in tax hikes over 25 years.

Sammamish gets reduced bus service out of the plan and a prospective park and ride at the north end.

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Breaking News: Graves now projected winner in 5th LD; Rodne trending toward win; Mullet’s lead in jeopardy

Sammamish Comment now projects Paul Graves will win the open seat for the 5th Legislative District for the House Position 2.

Republican Graves will defeat Democrat Darcy Burner for the seat, based on trends in the results from election night through today.

Incumbent Republican Jay Rodne, who ended election night slightly behind Democrat Jason Ritchie, is now trending toward a win, based on today’s returns from King County Elections. Rodne holds Position 1 in the 5th LD House seats.

In the 5th’s State Senate race, Mark Mullet’s lead is now in jeopardy. He ended election night with 53.33% of the vote. With today’s results, this has been shaved to 51.98%. If this trend continues, he may lose to his GOP challenger Chad Magendanz.

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Election Results: Nov. 9 update: 5th LD House races still too close to call

State Rep. Jay Rodne edged into the lead by 102 votes in updated election results today in his bid for reelection to the Washington House from the 5th Legislative District.

Rodne ended last night trailing his opponent, Democrat Jason Ritchie, by 295 votes. Rodne is a Republican. He drew heavy fire for a Facebook posting in which he made disparaging remarks about Muslims and called for every American to arm themselves.

In the race for the other House seat in the 5th LD, newcomer Paul Graves is leading by 1,047 votes over Darcy Burner. Graves, a Republican, ended Election night with a 258 vote lead over Burner, the Democrat. This is an open seat.

These remain the only two races that Sammamish Comment is following for Sammamish residents that are too close to call.

The full graphic of today’s results is below.

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