Clibborn to retire from State House

Judy Clibborn. Photo via Flickr.

State Rep. Judy Clibborn (D-41st) of Mercer Island announced she will retire at the end of this term.

Clibborn was first elected in 2002.

The 41st includes the southern half of Sammamish roughly along SE 8th St.

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Rodne won’t run for reelection

Lost in all the hoopla over the Legislature’s vote to exempt itself from the Public Records

Jay Rodne. Photo via Google images.

Act and the drama over its repeal, State Rep. Jay Rodne (R-5th) announced Feb. 28 he won’t run for reelection.

Rodne vote for the exemption. He was nearly defeated in 2016 by Jason Ritchie, a Democrat who lives in the Klahanie neighborhood in Sammamish. Ritchie led Rodne on election night but the tide turned as votes were counted, and Rodne won reelection narrowly.

Ritchie ran the next year for Sammamish City Council and won.

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First candidates emerge for City Council, 45th State Senate seats

City_of_SammamishWe’re only two months into 2017 and already some names are emerging for the November 7 off-year election.

City and County council races occur this year. A special election for the 45th State Senate seat, which includes the north end of Sammamish roughly along a line of SE 8th St., will also be on the ballot.

Sammamish Comment gave a full rundown of the local elections in January. In Sammamish, two City Council Members upended the dynamics of the election when they announced at the Council retreat in January that they would not run for reelection. First-term Council Member Bob Keller and Mayor Don Gerend, who has been on the Council since the first election in 1999, said they will retire at the end of this year.

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Nov. 11 Election Update: Jay Rodne projected to win reelection

State Rep. Jay Rodne (R-Snolqualmie) will win reelection, Sammamish Comment project.

Vote results posted by King County Elections today show Rodne increasing his lead over Democrat Jason Ritchie to 1,730 votes, twice the lead at the end of yesterday’s tally.

Rodne holds Position 1 in the 5th Legislative District, which includes the greater Klahanie area of Sammamish.

State Sen. Mark Mullet, a Democrat, of the 5th clings to his lead over challenger Chad Magendanz, a Republican. The lead shrank to 1,363 votes from 2,062 Thursday and 2,974 on election night. The lead has been shrinking at a smaller rate than Rodne’s has been gaining.

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