Nov. 11 Election Update: Jay Rodne projected to win reelection

State Rep. Jay Rodne (R-Snolqualmie) will win reelection, Sammamish Comment project.

Vote results posted by King County Elections today show Rodne increasing his lead over Democrat Jason Ritchie to 1,730 votes, twice the lead at the end of yesterday’s tally.

Rodne holds Position 1 in the 5th Legislative District, which includes the greater Klahanie area of Sammamish.

State Sen. Mark Mullet, a Democrat, of the 5th clings to his lead over challenger Chad Magendanz, a Republican. The lead shrank to 1,363 votes from 2,062 Thursday and 2,974 on election night. The lead has been shrinking at a smaller rate than Rodne’s has been gaining.

As ballot counting goes on to the Nov. 29 certification date, fewer votes will be tallied. Next week should decide the fate of Mullet, though The Comment previously projected he should win reelection.

Today’s full vote update will be posted tomorrow afternoon.

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