Breaking News: Ritchie, Moran, Ross, Stuart win in Sammamish

Here are the projected winners of today’s election. Details to come shortly.

Sammamish City Council:

  • Position 1: Jason Ritchie
  • Position 3: Karen Moran
  • Position 5: Chris Ross
  • Position 7: Pam Stuart

King County District 3:

Kathy Lambert

45th Legislative District:

Manka Dhingra


More study about new taxes or budget, service cuts for Sammamish

The day before the State Legislature began to reveal a big property tax hike is coming for education, Sammamish City Council members met with staff in a retreat to examine City finances.

The Council met with staff Thursday afternoon and evening. The State began releasing information about its new budget, with tax hikes, on Friday.

Council Member Tom Odell, looking at the 2017 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) that identifies nearly $90m in spending through 2023 and up to $165m in future years, inclusive of the $90m, and declared officials need to examine all potential revenue sources to pay for these projects.

Translated, this means potential new taxes.

At the same time, Council Member Tom Hornish remains unconvinced that budget cuts aren’t impossible and if these are deep enough, funding the road projects could come out of operations and current revenues.

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8th candidate files for Sammamish council

The eighth candidate for Sammamish City Council filed today.

Melanie L. Curtright, 57, of the Hampton Woods neighborhood in the North end of the city, filed for Position 7. John Robinson and Pamela Stuart previously filed for this position. If none drops out or changes slots, this sets up a primary in August at which the top two advance to the November election.

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Candidate deadline May 19 for Sammamish City Council, others/Update

Friday, May 19, is the final day for filing as a candidate for Sammamish City Council and other positions in this off-year election.

Filing begins on Monday, May 15.

Four seats in Sammamish are up for election, and each incumbent announced retirement this year.

This is the first time since incorporation this many seats are “open” seats.

So far, only six candidates filed for the four seats. One of these, Karen Moran, hasn’t declared which seat she will contest.

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Sammamish defeats ST3, Rodne in final vote count


Sammamish residents narrowly defeated Sound Transit 3. The greater Klahanie area supported the $54bn mass transit program by votes although seven of the 13 precincts opposed it. Two precincts in the far northeast part of the City that are not colored are outside the Sound Transit taxing district. Click on the image to enlarge, then click on it again. Map and analysis by Sammamish Comment.

Sammamish voters defeated Sound Transit 3, an analysis of the final precinct vote results revealed. This mirrors the trend at the mid-point in the vote counting.

ST3 was narrowly defeated, 51.2% to 48.8%, about the same as the mid-point analysis, in final precinct data released by King County Elections Nov. 30.

The great Klahanie area supported ST3 51.2% to 48.8%, although the results were split: six of the 13 precincts voted against ST3.

The portion of Sammamish in the 41st Legislative District (the southern half of the City, delineated by SE8th St.) rejected ST3 by 53% to 47%. The portion in the 45th LD (the northern half) rejected ST3 by 50.36% to 49.63%, with just 46 votes between the Approve and Reject tallies.

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