Sammamish defeats ST3, Rodne in final vote count


Sammamish residents narrowly defeated Sound Transit 3. The greater Klahanie area supported the $54bn mass transit program by votes although seven of the 13 precincts opposed it. Two precincts in the far northeast part of the City that are not colored are outside the Sound Transit taxing district. Click on the image to enlarge, then click on it again. Map and analysis by Sammamish Comment.

Sammamish voters defeated Sound Transit 3, an analysis of the final precinct vote results revealed. This mirrors the trend at the mid-point in the vote counting.

ST3 was narrowly defeated, 51.2% to 48.8%, about the same as the mid-point analysis, in final precinct data released by King County Elections Nov. 30.

The great Klahanie area supported ST3 51.2% to 48.8%, although the results were split: six of the 13 precincts voted against ST3.

The portion of Sammamish in the 41st Legislative District (the southern half of the City, delineated by SE8th St.) rejected ST3 by 53% to 47%. The portion in the 45th LD (the northern half) rejected ST3 by 50.36% to 49.63%, with just 46 votes between the Approve and Reject tallies.

Rodne defeated in Sammamish by a landslide


There are several unusually close races affecting Sammamish in the November 2016 election. This chart shows the votes within Sammamish, which didn’t reflect the broader close races in the 5th and 41st Legislative Districts. Sound Transit 3 had different results throughout the City. Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama’s effort to win a House seat in the 45th didn’t go well for him. Analysis and chart by Sammamish Comment. Click on image to enlarge, then click on it again.

Jay Rodne, the incumbent Republican State Representative who narrowly won reelection from the 5th Legislative District after becoming virulently anti-Muslim in a Facebook rant, lost in a landslide in the portion of the 5th LD that is in Sammamish–the greater Klahanie area.

Klahanie area voters thumped Rodne 60.5% to 39.5%. His opponent, Jason Ritchie, lost the district-wide vote by three percentage points.

Likewise, Klahanie voters handed incumbent Democrat State Sen. Mark Mullet a landside win over his Republican challenger, Chad Magendanz, but Mullet eeked out a win by less than 1% district-wide.

Litzow close in Sammamish, loses in the 41st

Incumbent State Sen. Steve Litzow, who denounced and distanced himself from GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, lost his bid for reelection by three points in the 5th LD. In Sammamish, he trailed Democrat Lisa Wellman by less than three points.

Valderrama loses big in 45th

Deputy Mayor Ramiro Valderrama, running as a Republican for State House in the 45th LD against five-term incumbent Democraft Roger Goodman, received 39.5% of the vote in the general election, a slight gain of 1% from the August primary beauty contest. But this time he won only one precinct, a worse performance than last August.

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