Candidate deadline May 19 for Sammamish City Council, others/Update

Friday, May 19, is the final day for filing as a candidate for Sammamish City Council and other positions in this off-year election.

Filing begins on Monday, May 15.

Four seats in Sammamish are up for election, and each incumbent announced retirement this year.

This is the first time since incorporation this many seats are “open” seats.

So far, only six candidates filed for the four seats. One of these, Karen Moran, hasn’t declared which seat she will contest.

Growth, environment, transportation and finance appear to be the biggest issues for the coming campaign.

Other races

A special election for the 45th Legislative District State Senate seat will be held. The unexpired term of the late State Sen. Andy Hill, a Republican, will be filled with the November election. Dino Rossi of Sammamish is currently the care-taker appointment, until the election is held and the winner is sworn in.

The 45th is roughly the northern half of Sammamish, following a line basically along SE 8th St.

Five candidates–two Republicans, two Democrats and an Independent–have filed for this seat in this swing district.

Water Districts

Northeast Sammamish Plateau Sewer and Water District

NSPSWD covers the northern and northwestern part of the city. The aging infrastructure faces the eventual need for replacement. This means a need to accrue for the high costs. It’s not clear the commissioners have faced up adequately to this need.

Only one of the three commissioners is up for election this year.

Paul Robinett. He was unopposed in his previous run for Commissioner, as is often the case for water commissioners across King County. His 2015 election was to fill an unexpired term.

Sammamish Plateau Water

SPW covers 60% of Sammamish, including the entire southern end of the City and parts of the northeast. It, like the NE water district, also includes portions of unincorporated King County.

The district found trace amount of a chemical called PFOS in its wells located adjacent Is

Two of the five commissions stand for election this year. Each has served more than 10 years and each is typically unopposed for reelection.

Position 1: Tom Harman. Harman publicly indicated possible interest in running for Sammamish City Council this year. Harman was an activist for the Sammamish area before incorporation in 1999. An environmental advocate for Beaver Lake, where he lived, Harman later moved to Klahanie and was a leading advocate opposing annexation to Issaquah, instead favoring Sammamish.

Harman has been on the Water Commission more than 10 years.

Position 4: Lloyd Warren. Warren was appointed to the Water Commission in March 2002 and has been elected and reelected in every election since.

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