Top 10 stories in Sammamish for 2017: Traffic dominated

Traffic clearly was the No. 1 topic of interest in Sammamish during 2017. It made five of the Top 10 stories posted in Sammamish Comment.

Miki Mullor. One citizen can make a difference.

The issue exploded after citizen Miki Mullor performed his own study of the City’s traffic concurrency system. He concluded traffic concurrency data and policies were manipulated by City staff. The Comment, which reviewed Mullor’s work before he went public with it, revealed the findings.

The study and story set off a series of events that reverberate to this day.

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Stuart sweeps all 61 precincts for Position 7: analysis

Pam Stuart

Pam Stuart won a thumping victory for Sammamish City Council Position 7, sweeping all 61 precincts and adding almost 11 percentage points to her primary victory.

Stuart last August garnered 52.45% of the vote. She took 63.35% of the vote in last month’s general election.

Her opponent, John Robinson, recorded 30.46% of the vote in the primary. He picked up only 6.1 percentage points in the general election and under-performed his primary results in which he won four precincts. He didn’t win any in the general election.

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Ross pick-up in general election less than expected: analysis

Chris Ross

Chris Ross, the winner for Sammamish City Council Position 5 in the Nov. 7 election, picked up less than 6 percentage points to add to his primary showing of 47%.

Ross won 52.7% of the vote in November.

Rituja Indapure, who won 31.6% of the primary vote, picked up 15.6 percentage points to finish the general election with 47.2% of the vote.

Ryika Hooshangi, the third candidate in the primary, won 21% of the vote. This broke mostly for Indapure.

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Moran won over Ghassemieh voters in Position 3 race: analysis

Karen Moran

Karen Moran won over voters in the Nov. 7 general election who favored Minal Ghassemieh in the August primary for Sammamish City Council Position 3, a precinct analysis shows.

Moran led second place Karen Howe in the primary by just 72 votes and less than one-half percentage point. Ghassemieh trailed a close third. Only two percentage points separated Moran from Ghassemieh.

Howe and Ghassemieh share much of the same constituency in the primary: Democratic and labor union endorsements.

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With big advantages, Jason Ritchie nearly sweeps Sammamish precincts: analysis

Jason Ritchie

Jason Ritchie won Position 1 on the Sammamish City Council with 57.1% of the vote. His opponent, Mark Baughman, won just six precincts of 61.

The outcome of the Nov. 7 general election could not be predicted because there was no primary contest for Position 1 to gauge the vote, as there was in the other three City Council races.

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