Ross pick-up in general election less than expected: analysis

Chris Ross

Chris Ross, the winner for Sammamish City Council Position 5 in the Nov. 7 election, picked up less than 6 percentage points to add to his primary showing of 47%.

Ross won 52.7% of the vote in November.

Rituja Indapure, who won 31.6% of the primary vote, picked up 15.6 percentage points to finish the general election with 47.2% of the vote.

Ryika Hooshangi, the third candidate in the primary, won 21% of the vote. This broke mostly for Indapure.

Ross was the favorite

Having won 47% in the primary, The Comment labeled Ross as the heavy favorite for the general election–he needed to pick up only three percentage points, while Indapure needed to pick up more than 18 points, a task we considered highly unlikely.

We expected Hooshangi’s votes to split more evenly between Ross and Indapure.

Despite our expectations Ross would win, The Comment endorsed Indapure as more well-rounded on the issues. Ross was largely a one-issue candidate, on City finances, and less well-informed on others.

Nevertheless, Indapure made a remarkable run, picked up nearly 16 of the 18 1/2 points needed to win.

An ally of Ross expressed concern that Ross hadn’t been campaigning enough, resting on his 47% primary showing.

Good showing

Comparing the precinct votes from the primary to the general election, Indapure worked from her base in Klahanie, where she lives, to win several precincts up the 228th corridor and east of 228th. She didn’t make any inroads to speak of west of 228th.

(It would be interesting to know where she doorbelled, outside of her Klahanie neighborhood, to compare with her winning precincts.)

Click on image for a crisp view.


Click on image for a crisp view.

Precinct/LD Vote breakdown

The following charts break down the vote and the precincts won by Legislative District.

Click on image for a crisp view.

Indapure shows promise. She should apply to the Planning Commission by the Dec. 15 deadline.

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