Moran won over Ghassemieh voters in Position 3 race: analysis

Karen Moran

Karen Moran won over voters in the Nov. 7 general election who favored Minal Ghassemieh in the August primary for Sammamish City Council Position 3, a precinct analysis shows.

Moran led second place Karen Howe in the primary by just 72 votes and less than one-half percentage point. Ghassemieh trailed a close third. Only two percentage points separated Moran from Ghassemieh.

Howe and Ghassemieh share much of the same constituency in the primary: Democratic and labor union endorsements.

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Primary precinct voting analysis for Sammamish

The precinct analysis of the August 1 primary in Sammamish yielded few surprises, but it gives the City its first look at how the Greater Klahanie area votes.

Klahanie was annexed into Sammamish in January 2015, but the City Council executed the annexation in two basic steps: the legal one, in January, but the “political” annexation came too late for the area to vote in the November 2015 City Council elections.

City officials said there was just too much to do to accomplish the political annexation sooner. Critics believed some officials didn’t want Klahanie voting in what was anticipated to be a close election for some candidates.

Regardless, the residents voted this time—though not in great numbers.

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Ghassemieh, Indapure led fund raising, expenditures in City Council races

Minal Ghassemieh and Rituja Indapure raised more and spent more money than any other candidate for Sammam City Council, to mixed results.

Ghassemieh was defeated in her bid to advance to the general election for Position 3. Her opponents, Karen Howe and Karen Moran, raised less than half and spent about one third of the money in their winning bids to advance to the November election.

Indapure swamped her opponents in fund raising and spending in Position 5 but had a poor second place finish against Chris Ross, who through Friday had 47% of the vote to Indapure’s 31.5%. The third candidate, Ryika Hooshangi, trailed Indapure by 10 points.

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Aug. 4 Primary results: Position 3 safely for Moran, Howe

Four days after the primary election, the spread of votes between third place Minal Ghassemieh and second place Karen Howe continues to widen. This is an unbroken trend since election night Tuesday.

Howe now leads Ghassemieh by 282 votes, up from 256 yesterday. Karen Moran, in first place, also widened her lead over Howe, to 392 votes from 359 yesterday.

Sammamish Comment now declares this race beyond doubt, firming up its election night projection that Howe and Moran would likely be the winners.

The latest update is below.

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Aug. 3 Primary results: still just fractional changes; Howe widens lead over Ghassemieh, Moran over Howe

Day 3 of the vote counting in the Aug. 1 primary for Sammamish City Council and the 45th Legislative District State Senate races continue to show fractional changes in the percentages for each candidate.

In the very close Position 3 City Council primary, the percentages narrowed again slightly–but Minal Ghassemieh lost ground slightly in the actual vote count.

She ended primary night 229 votes behind Karen Howe, who is second to Karen Moran. Yesterday, Ghassemieh trailed Howe by 250 votes. Today, she trails by 256 votes.

Moran continues to widen her lead over Howe in votes counted.

The updated chart is below.

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