Ghassemieh, Indapure led fund raising, expenditures in City Council races

Minal Ghassemieh and Rituja Indapure raised more and spent more money than any other candidate for Sammam City Council, to mixed results.

Ghassemieh was defeated in her bid to advance to the general election for Position 3. Her opponents, Karen Howe and Karen Moran, raised less than half and spent about one third of the money in their winning bids to advance to the November election.

Indapure swamped her opponents in fund raising and spending in Position 5 but had a poor second place finish against Chris Ross, who through Friday had 47% of the vote to Indapure’s 31.5%. The third candidate, Ryika Hooshangi, trailed Indapure by 10 points.

Mark Baughman, in Position 1, declared when he filed for office that he would raise no more than $5,000 in his campaign. This is called “mini-reporting,” and detailed campaign fund raising and expenditures is not required. Unless he upgrades to full reporting, no financial data will be available throughout the rest of the election.

Pamela Stuart and Moran are the runners-up in fund raising to Ghassemieh and Indapure. Stuart, Howe and Hooshangi each spent $5,500-$5,600 on their campaigns.

Data is as of Aug. 4.

Ballot counting continues today. Votes are certified Aug. 15. Friday’s results show clear leads in all races and winners have been projected by The Comment. These results may be found here.

Unless there is an unexpected, dramatic change in the results between now and Aug. 15, Sammamish Comment’s next election report will be the certified results.

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