Primary results certified for November City Council election

King County Elections today certified the results of the Aug. 1 primary, in which three of the four seats for Sammamish City Council were on the ballot.

The fourth seat only had two candidates and were not subject to the primary.

The winners are as Sammamish Comment projected on primary night. The final results are below.

Position 3 will be the key race to watch: fewer than 100 votes separated leader Karen Moran from second place finisher Karen Howe. Historically, votes cast for the third place finisher–which in this case was a close third–split fairly evenly between the winning candidates.

However, because the third place candidate, Minal Ghassemieh, had heavy backing from the Democratic Party and “D” elected officials, Ghassemieh’s voters may migrate to Howe, who courts a similar demographic. Moran previously was active in Republican politics but has migrated as the party shifted more and more to the right.

Position 5 and Position 7 second place winners trailed the leaders by a wide margin. They face a tough, uphill battle to overcome big leads by the first place finishers, Chris Ross and Pam Stuart respectively. These two races are theirs to lose. Their opponents, Rituja Indapure and John Robinson, have their work cut out for them.

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