Stuart sweeps all 61 precincts for Position 7: analysis

Pam Stuart

Pam Stuart won a thumping victory for Sammamish City Council Position 7, sweeping all 61 precincts and adding almost 11 percentage points to her primary victory.

Stuart last August garnered 52.45% of the vote. She took 63.35% of the vote in last month’s general election.

Her opponent, John Robinson, recorded 30.46% of the vote in the primary. He picked up only 6.1 percentage points in the general election and under-performed his primary results in which he won four precincts. He didn’t win any in the general election.

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Sammamish November precinct voting analysis

The certified vote by precinct was released by King County Elections last week. Sammamish has 61 precincts and the November election was the first including the greater Klahanie area as part of Sammamish’s City Council elections.

Beginning tomorrow through Friday, Sammamish Comment published a race-by-race analysis of the precinct vote for City Council Positions 1, 3, 5 and 7; and King County Council District 3 with the 45th Legislative District State Senate race.

A preview:

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Day 2 Election results: No change from Election Night

With additional votes counted on the day after the Election, there were no changes in the outcomes and only fractional changes in the percentages.

The chart below the jump includes last night’s vote count and today’s for comparison.

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First results: Ritchie, Moran, Ross, Stuart win City Council seats; Lambert reelected; Dems win 45th LD

Jason Ritchie, Karen Moran, Chris Ross and Pam Stuart are projected winners of the Sammamish City Council seats.

Kathy Lambert has been reelected to a fifth term on the King County Council. Democrats flipped the State Senate seat for the 45th Legislative District.

Indications are there may have been an unusually heavy turnout for a City Council election.

So far, 26% of the ballots have been returned. By the time the last ballot is counted after Thanksgiving, typically the return about doubles. There are 36,136 registered voters in Sammamish. Typically, a City Council election sees a turnout of 40%-45%.

City Manager Lyman Howard announced at 7:20pm tonight during the Council meeting that the ballot drop box at City Hall had been emptied a couple of times today.

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Breaking News: Ritchie, Moran, Ross, Stuart win in Sammamish

Here are the projected winners of today’s election. Details to come shortly.

Sammamish City Council:

  • Position 1: Jason Ritchie
  • Position 3: Karen Moran
  • Position 5: Chris Ross
  • Position 7: Pam Stuart

King County District 3:

Kathy Lambert

45th Legislative District:

Manka Dhingra


Final weekend before Nov. 7 City Council election

This is the final weekend before the Nov. 7 City Council election on Tuesday.

Voting has been underway since Oct. 20. We’re reposting links to endorsements, recommendations, candidate questionnaires and evaluations by various groups.

Sammamish Comment will be working Election Night, posting initial results as soon as possible after King County Elections posts (advertised for about 8:15pm, but it’s not unusual to be late).

The County updates the results daily, except weekends and Thanksgiving. So will The Comment, as long as any results are too close to call. We will post the final results Nov. 28 and follow up with a precinct analysis.

Typically, Election Night results are within a point or two of the final tally. Also typically, the vote spreads are enough to project winners on Election Night.

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Recapping City Council candidate information for Nov. 7 election

With the Nov. 7 City Council election 11 days off and voting underway, it’s useful to repost links to Candidate Questionnaires, endorsements, recommendations and evaluations by various groups.

Sammamish Comment made endorsements and recommendations. The Comment also posted extensive candidate questionnaires in the August primary and November general elections.

For the first time in its history, the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter made endorsements. Sammamish Friends, an environmental group, rated candidates. Links to these various posts and articles are below.

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