Sammamish November precinct voting analysis

The certified vote by precinct was released by King County Elections last week. Sammamish has 61 precincts and the November election was the first including the greater Klahanie area as part of Sammamish’s City Council elections.

Beginning tomorrow through Friday, Sammamish Comment published a race-by-race analysis of the precinct vote for City Council Positions 1, 3, 5 and 7; and King County Council District 3 with the 45th Legislative District State Senate race.

A preview:

  • Pam Stuart (Position 7) won every precinct in Sammamish. Jason Ritchie (Position 1) won all but two precincts.
  • Rituja Indapure, who ran a close but losing race to Chris Ross for Position 5 City Council, nearly swept greater Klahanie, where she lives—but did well in other parts of the City.
  • Kathy Lambert won Sammamish with 52.49% of the vote, but trailed her district-wide results of 57.21%. She won a fourth term to King County District 3. She was unopposed four years earlier.
  • Within Sammamish, Lambert had the poorest showing of any winning candidate on the ballot.
  • Democrat Manka Dhingra won 55% of the vote in Sammamish’s part of the 45th Legislative District, for State Senator, matching her performance in the rest of the district.

Publishing schedule:

Monday: Sammamish City Council Position 1, Jason Ritchie v Mark Baughman.

Tuesday: Sammamish City Council Position 3, Karen Moran v Karen Howe.

Wednesday: Sammamish City Council Position 5, Chris Ross v Rituja Indapure.

Thursday: Sammamish City Council Position 7, Pam Stuart v John Robinson.

Friday: King County Council District 3, Kathy Lambert v John Murphy; and 45th LD State Senator, Manka Dhingra v Jinyoung Lee Englund.

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