Primary precinct voting analysis for Sammamish

The precinct analysis of the August 1 primary in Sammamish yielded few surprises, but it gives the City its first look at how the Greater Klahanie area votes.

Klahanie was annexed into Sammamish in January 2015, but the City Council executed the annexation in two basic steps: the legal one, in January, but the “political” annexation came too late for the area to vote in the November 2015 City Council elections.

City officials said there was just too much to do to accomplish the political annexation sooner. Critics believed some officials didn’t want Klahanie voting in what was anticipated to be a close election for some candidates.

Regardless, the residents voted this time—though not in great numbers.

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Election day for Sammamish City Council primary

It’s election day for the Sammamish City Council primary.

Mail-in ballots must be post-marked today; there is a drop-in ballot at the Sammamish City Hall.

The first results will be posted by King County Elections about 8:15  8:30 pm; Sammamish Comment will post shortly afterwards. It takes about three weeks for all mail-in ballots to be received (allowing for overseas and military ballots to arrive) and the votes certified. History shows that election night results are within 1%-2% of the final results.

Our final readership tracking of candidate questionnaires is below. We don’t know if election results will follow the readership interest; it’s the only “polling” available.

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Position 7 Candidate Questionnaires today

Today Sammamish Comment publishes the candidate questionnaires of Position 7 for City Council.

Position 7

The candidates are Melanie Curtright, John Robinson and Pamela Stuart.

A fourth candidate, Roger Chapanis, dropped out of the race too late to remove his name from the ballot.

The candidate responses are printed verbatim. The Comment only checked their responses for spelling and grammar. Each response is in its own post, so scroll down on The Comment’s Home Page to see each response.

The responses were reviewed and processed by Scott Hamilton.

Candidate questionnaires for City Council begin July 12; ballots go into mail

Candidate questionnaires for Sammamish City Council begin publishing tomorrow, July 12, in Sammamish Comment.

Tomorrow is also when King County Elections mails the ballots for the Aug. 1 primary.

Four Council seats are up for vote in the Nov. 8 general election: Positions 1, 3, 5 and 7. Three of the races, 3, 5 and 7, have three active candidates running, requiring a primary vote Aug. 1. The top two vote-getters will advance to the November election.

Position 1 has only two candidates running. This position won’t appear on the Aug. 1 ballot, with these two candidates going directly to the November election.

Sammamish Comment submitted a three-page questionnaire about City issues to the candidates last month. They were asked to return them by July 7, allowing for processing for publication beginning tomorrow.

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Chapanis ends candidacy for Council, cites health

Roger Chapanis

Roger Chapanis ended his candidacy for Sammamish City Council yesterday, citing ill health.

It’s too late to remove his name from the ballot, however.

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