Election day for Sammamish City Council primary

It’s election day for the Sammamish City Council primary.

Mail-in ballots must be post-marked today; there is a drop-in ballot at the Sammamish City Hall.

The first results will be posted by King County Elections about 8:15  8:30 pm; Sammamish Comment will post shortly afterwards. It takes about three weeks for all mail-in ballots to be received (allowing for overseas and military ballots to arrive) and the votes certified. History shows that election night results are within 1%-2% of the final results.

Our final readership tracking of candidate questionnaires is below. We don’t know if election results will follow the readership interest; it’s the only “polling” available.

We provided an analysis of the tracking in our previous post.

Position 1 isn’t on the primary ballot; these two candidates go directly to the general election.

The top two vote getters in Positions 3, 5 and 7 will advance to the general election in November.

If the readership interest is any indicator of voting, there will be some close races.

Assuming the readership interest is reflective of a “poll,” the Ghassemieh-Howe race would be within the margin of error.

Indapure and Ross would be too close to call in Position 5. If readership yesterday is any indication, Position 5 posts drew the most views the day before the election.

Stuart and Robinson would be too close to call in Position 7.

Note that in Position 7, Roger Chapanis remains on the ballot; he dropped out of the race too late to remove his name from the ballot.

Sammamish Comment recommends the following advance to the general:

Position 3: Karen Howe and Karen Moran.

Position 5: Ryika Hooshangi and Chris Ross.

Position 7: John Robinson and Pam Stuart.

The Comment will reassess our recommendations in advance of the general election and narrow them to one candidate for each of the four positions then.


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