Primary vote tomorrow: our recommendations

The primary vote for Sammamish City Council is tomorrow.

Three people are running for each of Postions 3, 5 and 7. Only two will advance to the general election in November.

Our recommendations for those who we believe would best serve Sammamish:

Position 3:

Karen Howe and Karen Moran

Position 5:

Ryika Hooshangi and Chris Ross

Position 7:

John Robinson and Pamela Stuart

Position 1 only has two candidates and is not on the primary ballot; they advance directly to the November election.

Your ballot must be postmarked by tomorrow if you a mailing it. There is a ballot drop box at Sammamish City Hall as well.

2 thoughts on “Primary vote tomorrow: our recommendations

  1. Is there somewhere on your site that explains your recommendations? They differ from the Fuse progressive voter’s guide, for example, which supports the sustainable growth concerns I’ve read from you as well, so I wonder why the different opinions on who to vote for. Thanks for the clarification.

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