Who’s supporting whom in the Sammamish City Council Election

With Labor Day now past, electioneering will pick up in earnest for the City Council races.

A review of the Public Disclose Commission contribution filings gives a sense of the early support for the various candidates.

Position 2

Kathy Richardson vs Nancy Whitten

This is the seat currently held by Michele Petitti, who declined to run for another term. Whitten had held Position 4 but switched to 2.

Neither candidate as yet has reported much in the way of contributions. Whitten reports just $100, from herself. She largely self-funded her 2003 winning election but did bring in contributions from others then and in 2007. So far, there is nothing more to report.

Richardson hasn’t raised much money as yet: just $1,243, including $301 from in-kind contributions. The largest contribution is from Concentric 2 LLC, which according to state records is the business of David Collins of Lake Sammamish Parkway NE. Other contributors: David and Megan Gee, Ursula Geiger and Paul Oostmeyer.

Bob Brady of Sammamish, a commissioner on the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District, has publicly endorsed Whitten.

Position 4

Jim Wasnick v Ramiro Valderamma

This is shaping up already to be the bitterest race that the city will see, with a whispering campaign of innuendos underway against Valderamma. One of those whispers is that he is running as a slate with Whitten and Tom Vance (Position 6). However, a review of the campaign contributions so far couldn’t be more representative of opposite ends of the spectrum.

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Wasnick has solid lead, clearly winner in primary

King County Elections updated results for Friday and Jim Wasnick now has a 202 vote lead over John Galvin. This makes Wasnick a clear winner, and he will face Ramiro Valderrama in November.

As we said in our earlier post in which we declared Wasnick the winner, results won’t be official until Aug. 31.

We now have two candidates for this council position who have a record of positive contribution to the City, and who should engage in civilized debate. Sammamish citizens chose wisely in selecting Wasnick and Valderrama to move to the general election.

Now, on to the election and hopefully the issues

With the primary behind us, it’s now on to the general election and the issues facing Sammamish.

Here are the issues that are already apparent for the candidates to address in the general election, in no particular order:

  1. Kick-starting the Town Center. The capital markets still remain very tight for development. How can the city help kick-start the Town Center in the continued challenging economic climate?
  2. The Community Center. The city is proposing a concept that I’ve already labeled the Taj Mahal. I previously compared the proposal to city hall: 2 1/2 times the size at seven times the cost. I got some pushback on the price comparison from one of the council members, who questioned the figure I used for the cost of city hall. Even granting his figure–which I don’t–there is a mismatch. In the most recent newsletter, the city cleverly separated the infrastructure price (some $20 million) from the cost of the building ($44 million), saying the infrastructure (improvements to 228th and a parking garage) would also serve the Town Center. But don’t be fooled: the infrastructure isn’t triggered without the community center, and taxpayers will be asked to foot the bill in a bond vote. But is this the best solution? I’m not sure it is. The YMCA has tried for years to partner with the city to build a community center. This would shave millions of dollars off the cost (and the Y already owns the land, by the way) to taxpayers for a similar concept. I don’t think this option has received due consideration. This ought to be a big topic of debate for the candidates. Continue reading “Now, on to the election and hopefully the issues”

75% of voters reject Galvin tactics, “policies”

Update, Aug. 19: Galvin continues his wild allegations. In another comment in the election story he takes my observation about his ridiculous commentary repeated below and leaps to a series of assertions about my “support” for Valderamma. In fact, there is no place, no where and no how in which I have indicated support for any candidate. I declared Wasnick the victor over Galvin, so by Galvin’s twisted logic it would seem I support Wasnick, too.

Why is Galvin anti-Valderrama? Because, perhaps, Valderrama as a leader of Citizens for Sammamish–a group Galvin tried to exercise a leadership role–shunned his tactics and style.

As for my comments vis-a-vis Valderrama and Galvin, I’m merely exposing Galvin’s continued hypocrisy and distortions.

Update, Aug. 18: Here is Galvin’s graceless comment from the story in the Sammamish Review directed toward the vote for Valderrama:

John Galvin on August 17th, 2011 7:00 pm

A clear message that the paper’s editor is eager to hide is that more people voted against Valderrama than for him.

There is a growing discontent with City leadership, with grandiose plans that are never implemented, with policies that deny the future and cling to the past. Valderrama will need to be more dynamic, more substantive, and more independent if he hopes to get elected.

I invite citizens to compare Valderrama’s campaign website with my campaign website.  Which site is more substantive? I know what the Growth Management Act is. I know the city’s comprehensive plan. . I have attended city meetings and forums since 2000 and know all the players. I’ve studied all the confusing city economic reports. I’ve dared to raise issues the city council was eager to ignore. The first round is over, but the fight has just begun.

Humble in victory, proud in defeat. Relentless!

I am more than happy to support those candidates who will bring new vision and energy to Sammamish.

Hardly “humble in victory.”

Original Post:

It’s all over but the shouting, as they say: 75% of those voting in the Position 4 primary rejected John Galvin and his tactics of intimidation, insults, hypocrisy, cry-babyism and his advocacy of policies that would pave over the Town Center and result in traffic gridlock.

It’s particularly noteworthy that Galvin, who had a high profile following his years of berating everybody he didn’t agree with, his constant whining in letters to the editor and his advocacy of building a “Bellevue Square” in the center of Sammamish without the remotest ability to build roads to accommodate the traffic, was thrashed by two candidates who were unknown to the public, save for some road signs and a couple of articles in the local papers.

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More intimidation, hypocrisy from John Galvin

Sammamish voters received their ballots Friday/Saturday for primary day on August 16 for City Council. Voters have a choice in one race between Ramiro Valderrama, Jim Wasnick and John Galvin.

Galvin, of course, is the person who lectures Sammamish on proper procedures, only to flout the law when it comes to his own candidacy. He is also the master of hypocrisy.

As recently as May, Galvin was decrying campaign contributions by yours truly to past campaigns. In 2009, he attacked people who contributed funds to candidates they support. He attacked my wife’s campaign contribution, among others. This past May he claimed I had “financed” several city council campaigns.

Setting aside the bloviating over-statement of the word “financed” in this context, what does Galvin do when it comes to his own candidacy? Galvin filed for what’s called “mini-reporting.” This means he doesn’t have to reveal who is contributing to his campaign, or the amounts they “financed.”

Sammamish voters have no idea who is financing Galvin’s campaign or who is supporting him. Given his persistent criticisms and lectures about who supported and contributed to candidates he opposed, the hypocrisy is noteworthy.

Then there is the matter of his continual pattern of intimidation. I’ve already documented just two examples in the preceding post. I have two years of emails with many more examples.

But Galvin doesn’t stop there. In what is particularly egregious, Galvin on two occasions verbally accosted the wives of two planning commissioners with whom he disagreed.

Galvin is well over six feet and a stout individual. One of the wives is 5’9″ and height-weight-proportionate and the other, well into her 60s, is shorter. On these two occasions, Galvin accosted them as they were leaving commission meetings (and while their husbands were on the podium, unaware of the events until afterward) and began to berate them for actions of their husbands.

After the second incident, police were on hand at the following meeting to be sure Galvin did not repeat his inappropriate actions.

This is not an individual who should be on the city council or in any advisory role. It is worth noting that he once applied to for a position on the planning commission, and no council member supported his appointment. Furthermore, he applied for appointment to various town center advisory committees and no council member supported any of his previous applications.

These universal rejections of Galvin have nothing to do with his so-called advocacy of “inconvenient truths.” They are entirely because Galvin has an anger management issue (odd for someone who has a PhD in psychology who is a grievance counselor) and because of his history of verbal abuse toward staff, commissions and committees, anyone he disagrees with and the requirement for a time that police be present in case he goes into one of his inappropriate actions.


Insulting the staff, by councilman-wannabe

John Galvin wants to be a city councilman, with oversight of the city staff via the city manager. Yet for years, Galvin has regularly abused the staff with verbal and written insults and intimidation.

Two recent examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

In an email (March 31, 2011, 8:09 am), Galvin wrote Eric La France on the staff in which he said, in part:

“If you and Ms. Currey [another staff member] are prepared to put your so called professional judgement (sic) to a practical, real life test, then you will make an appearance. We will have video cameras to record your visit and comments.” He goes on to write, “so-called scientists like you” and “Personally, I have lost respect for your professional judgement (sic).”

In an email (June 15, 2011, 9:26am), to council member John Curley, titled “Pull the other leg,” Galvin wrote about the community center process:

“[Consultant] Herbet’s presentation on a 12 person focus group was a complete con job.” And: “The entire process is a con job. The Kellman property was the desired outcome….No talk about funding means this is a fake plan….”

Galvin likes to brag he has a PhD in psychology. Even a first-year psychology student knows that insulting, berating and intimidating people is poor psychology. Galvin deserves a refund of his degree.

The Taj Mahal community center

Sammamish has a rather sordid history about the community center.

The very first city council (1999-2001) recognized the need for a community center but it and succeeding councils dithered and dithered.

The councils agreed early on to partner with the Boys and Girls Club to erect a building on 244th Ave. just north of NE8th, but the BGC dithered so long on fund raising that the Lake Washington School District built a school on the site.

The city then dithered in doing a deal with the YMCA for a public-private partnership, despite having a couple of reasonable proposals.

Finally, 10 years after incorporation, the city bought the old library at NE8th and 228th and contracted with the BGC to run the place.

Now we’re looking at the prospect of a community center that will be three times the size of city hall at seven times the cost.

Holy crap! Why so expensive?

In part, there is the desire on the part of some, including the high schools, who want competitive swimming lanes, at a cost of $10m. (But, notably, the schools aren’t willing to step up and write checks, it seems.)

As long as we’re talking about features serving people, this is one use for the pools.