City launches long waited TMP project to address traffic

By Miki Mullor

The City of Sammamish has launched its long waited Transportation Master Plan (TMP), to help achieve the city’s goals over the next 20 years.

“The TMP will provide a strategic framework and prioritized investments to help improve how we get around town,” says the city’s web site.

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Sammamish finance retreat Thursday to ponder whether new taxes needed

The Sammamish City Council will hold a five-hour financial “retreat” Thursday at City Hall to determine whether the City’s financial condition is sound enough to avoid a tax hike, new taxes or new debt.

The meeting begins at 2pm.

Sammamish faces large road building expenses if it follows through on everything it wants to do or thinks it should do.

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Transportation Master Plan RFP green-lighted for Sammamish

Sammamish Retreat 2017.

A request for proposal for a consultant to create a Transportation Management Plan (TMP) for Sammamish was green-lighted Saturday at the annual retreat.

A TMP for a 20-30 year vision will be a first for the City.

This differs from the Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), a legal requirement under state law for projects needed for growth and traffic concurrency standards.

It will include connectivity, sidewalks, bike lanes, the possibility of new east-west and north-south routes.

Coordination with Redmond, Issaquah, King County, the State and Sound Transit will also be examined.

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