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BREAKING NEWS: City Manager fired

By Miki Mullor

Rick Rudometkin

The Sammamish City Council voted 6-1 tonight to authorize the Mayor to enter into a separation agreement with City Manager Rick Rudometkin. The vote authorized a one year severance pay for Rudometkin, who started last May. Rudometkin’s contract entitled him to 9 months of severance pay. The Council voted to grant him additional three months in return for a “smooth transition” and release from litigation. Council Member Ramiro Valderrama objected to the additional three months severance.

No reason was given to the decision, likely because the decision was discussed in an executive session and is therefore confidential.

The Council unanimously voted to appoint Deputy City Manager, Chip Corder, to an acting City manager.

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Election reflection – what was different

By Miki Mullor


The Sammamish City Council election was decided by a landslide vote almost two weeks ago. This is the first time in the history of the city that all three contested seats have swept with large margins.  

Other than the issues, what else in this election was different? 

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PDC shows $98,000 record campaign spend by Town Center Developer’s PAC

By Miki Mullor

Latest PDC filings show a record $98,000 spent during this election by Don Gerend’s
“Livable Sammamish” PAC (Political Action Committee), backed by the Town Center developers – making this election the costliest in Sammamish history. “Livable Sammamish” is supporting Karen McKnight, Rituja Indapure and Karen Howe.

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Former Mayor Don Gerend’s response to former Mayor Tom Odell’s Guest Column

By Don Gerend
Guest Column

In reference to the Guest Column in the Sammamish Comment by Tom Odell, I have a few comments and questions, but first I would like to provide a little background. Tom has been a good friend and was a fellow councilmember during our time on the Sammamish Council together. When he first came on the council, he was eager to not only engage locally, but to look regionally and nationally as to ways to help municipal government. 

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Influencing the City Council Elections: follow the money…from outside Sammamish

By Miki Mullor

Outside money is flowing to Sammamish city council elections at prodigious rates as ballots arrive at mailboxes this week. 

  • “Livable Sammamish,” former Mayor Don Gerend’s Political Action Committee, got additional $19,000 from the Town Center developer, for a total of $44,000.
  • McKnight raise less than 3% of her funds from Sammamish donors and self funding $11,000 of her $26,000 budget.
  • Sixty percent of Indapure’s donors and 69% of the cash contributions are from outside Sammamish.
  • Malchow and Ken Gamblin raise over 90% from Sammamish donors.
  • Karen McKnight, Rituja Indapure and Christie Malchow each crossed the $10,000 mark.
  • UPDATE: WA Realtors PAC spend $11,500 to promote McKnight
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Op-Ed: Civic Engagement Can Improve Your World

By Stephanie Rudat
Guest contributor

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” -Anne Frank

Stephanie Rudat

It is strange to think that Anne Frank, huddled in a tiny room with her family and some family friends, would have world improvement on her mind. She may not have had civic engagement on her mind. Hers was a mind that focused on the beauty of nature, on pouring your thoughts onto paper, which cannot judge you. But civic engagement is a sacred way to improve the world in the United States. Or, at least, it used to be.

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