City launches long waited TMP project to address traffic

By Miki Mullor

The City of Sammamish has launched its long waited Transportation Master Plan (TMP), to help achieve the city’s goals over the next 20 years.

“The TMP will provide a strategic framework and prioritized investments to help improve how we get around town,” says the city’s web site.

“We want to continue to hear from the community to better understand transportation needs and priorities. “

The city is conducting an online survey as well as several “pop up” workshops for citizens to voice their input.

Workshops dates
Online survey

So far, only 11 citizens responded to the online survey. Citizens who were looking for additional capacity option to address congestion will be disappointed to not find that on the survey.

The city’s contemplated solutions for congestion are:

      • Synchronizing traffic lights.
      • Staggering work and school schedules.
      • Encourage transit use.

The survey is open and available on the city’s website:

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1 thought on “City launches long waited TMP project to address traffic

  1. Hmmm, not even an “other” option. If this silly “survey” is any indication, it looks like there will be no root cause analysis to interfere with the political efficacy of the city’s TMP.

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