BREAKING NEWS: City Issues STCA Phase I a Concurrency Certificate for 419 Homes in City Center

By Miki Mullor

The City of Sammamish announced today that two STCA projects for the
Town Center development have passed their concurrency tests and that Certificates of Concurrency have been issued for 419 homes and 82,000 sq/ft of commercial space.

As we reported, until recently, STCA Phase I was deemed to fail concurrency. On May 23, Council Members Pam Stuart, Jason Ritchie and Ramiro Valderrama unsuccessfully moved to exclude the Town Center area, and with it STCA, from the concurrency failure on Sahalee way.

Now staff determined the development proposal passes concurrency.

The area to be developed is south of SE 4th st, outlined in the map below in with a green line:

The Sammamish Comment has obtained the concurrency test that shows staff included the uncommitted, unfunded Sahalee improvement project ($54mm project) in the concurrency test, as if the project will be completed within 6 years:

More detailed to follow.

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: City Issues STCA Phase I a Concurrency Certificate for 419 Homes in City Center

  1. All based on an “uncommitted, unfunded improvement project”? I was going to ask how much the smoke and mirrors cost us, but of course Sammamish must be getting a pretty sizable volume discount on them.

  2. Something is off. I think this “test” requires an audit. Is this due to the Don Gerend lawsuit? I have a feeling his lawsuit was indirectly funded by Microsoft, through the developers who got part of that $500 million “Destroy the Northwest with maximum building” award from Microsoft.

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