City manager says Mullor inaccurate, “deeply offensive” with concurrency study

Miki Mullor

The Sammamish city manager cherry-picked three or four slides out of more than 90 to point to errors to discredit the concurrency study by citizen Miki Mullor.

But Lyman Howard didn’t address a key issue Mullor pointed out: that the City is using mostly 2012 traffic data, with a sprinkling of 2014 traffic counts, for its concurrency analysis.

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City Council needs to adopt building moratorium tonight

June 6: The Sammamish City Council needs to adopt an emergency building moratorium tonight at the Council meeting.

The meeting begins at 6:30pm. Public Comment is scheduled to begin about 7:25pm. Discussion of the study is not on the agenda (the issue came up too late for inclusion) but is certain to come up.

The findings of the study by Miki Mullor, which Sammamish Comment reported last night, justify a temporary pause in processing building permits while the serious allegations of manipulating traffic numbers and other data are investigated.

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Outraged, shocked, surprised about Sammamish cooking the books on concurrency? I’m not.

  • The City Council meeting tonight at 6:30p will undoubtedly discuss the Mullor Study. The study may be accessed here.


By Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

The news yesterday that Sammamish has been using outdated traffic counts, mostly from 2012 but some from 2014 and none from 2016, to run its traffic concurrency tests for development applications is fundamentally cooking the books to approve projects.

I should be outraged, but I’m not.

I should be shocked, but I’m not.

I’m not even surprised.

It just goes to show you how far our city government and City Council declined over the years to become a mini-King County.

I reached this conclusion as far back as 2009. That was 10 years after Sammamish incorporated.

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Sammamish manipulates traffic counts to approve development, study charges

Mike Mullor

Update,  June 6: The City Council meets tonight and this topic will come up. The meeting begins at 6:30pm at City Hall; Public Comment is scheduled about 7:25pm. Mullor’s study may be accessed here.

Original post, June 5:

Sammamish manipulated its traffic concurrency code to allow new development despite daily vehicle counts exceeding the thresholds for pass-fail standards, a study shows.

  • Miki Mullor will present his study to the meeting tonight of the Citizens for Sammamish. The group meets at 7pm at the fire station at 1851 228th Ave. NE.

The City uses traffic count data it has to apply for concurrency testing. Most of the data is from 2012. Some 2014 data is used. No 2016 data is used, according to the study. Using 2014 data on key roads where 2012 data is used would have failed some concurrency testing and denied the applications for development, the study shows.

Click on all images to enlarge. Source: Miki Mullor Concurrency Study.

Miki Mullor, a Sammamish resident, used Public Records Request (PRR) to obtain 2014 traffic count data that the City has but does not generally use in its concurrency testing.

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