City Council needs to adopt building moratorium tonight

June 6: The Sammamish City Council needs to adopt an emergency building moratorium tonight at the Council meeting.

The meeting begins at 6:30pm. Public Comment is scheduled to begin about 7:25pm. Discussion of the study is not on the agenda (the issue came up too late for inclusion) but is certain to come up.

The findings of the study by Miki Mullor, which Sammamish Comment reported last night, justify a temporary pause in processing building permits while the serious allegations of manipulating traffic numbers and other data are investigated.

A moratorium can only last six months before it must expire or be renewed. It can be lifted at any time before the six month limit is up.

This column opposed the moratorium suggested last year by Council Member Ramiro Valderrama, when he suggested one just for the Town Center.

That suggestion was ill-timed, ill-targeted, poorly presented and it was a last minute surprise.

This time, proposing a moratorium is also a surprise for its timing. But this is serious enough that a last minute proposal for a moratorium is warranted.

There is simply no other way to put this: a fraud has been perpetrated on the citizens of Sammamish. City Council members have been denied access to traffic count data.

An independent investigation of staff actions, by outside counsel and by a transportation engineer unaffiliated with previous work, is required.

All this will take time, justifying a pause in accepting development applications.

By Scott Hamilton

4 thoughts on “City Council needs to adopt building moratorium tonight

  1. The city has selectively ignored data and manipulated data to create the outcomes they wanted (more growth). We must have a moratorium to assess how this was allowed to happen and fix it

  2. This is a serious issue and it’s time (actually, past time !) to get to the bottom of this matter. If the allegations are correct, SHAME on the City, if not, let’s move on.

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