Visual of Sammamish City Council election results

Sammamish Comment has created a visual of the day-by-day election tally for the Sammamish City Council.

As votes were counted, the spread increased imperceptibly but steadily between Christie Malchow and Mark Cross and between Tom Hornish and Tom Vance. Vance’s “faint hope” for a win and his prediction to the Sammamish Review that the final outcome will be “much closer” than last Monday simply don’t hold up. Hornish’s lead continues to build.

The Comment reported on election night that historically the final outcome is within 1%-2% of election night. This pattern continues. All results fall within this band so far, closer to the 1% than to the 2%. Click on the following images isolate from text and then again to enlarge.

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Nov. 10 Sammamish City Council election results

Nov 10 results

Click on image to isolate from text, then click on image again to enlarge.

Vote counting for the Sammamish City Council is all but over. There are very few new ballots from Sammamish coming into Elections now. Only three more ballots were accounted for from Sammamish from Sunday night to Monday night, according to County data. There were some 200 ballots that hadn’t been counted during the same period, however. On Monday, a total of 339 new votes were counted, meaning an additional 100+ came in on Monday for counting.

As has been the case since the election, Christie Malchow, Ramiro Valderrama and Tom Hornish padded their vote totals over their opponents.

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Nov. 9 Sammamish City Council election update

Nov 9 results

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There is little change in the trend of vote results for the Sammamish City Council. The trend continues upward for Christie Malchow, Ramiro Valderrama and Tom Hornish.

The latest results, posted around 7pm Nov. 9, continue to show their vote counts increasing over Mark Cross, Hank Klein and Tom Vance.

Through Nov. 8,  10,399 ballots from Sammamish have been returned. Through Nov. 9, 8,600 votes have been counted in the “down ballot” City Council races, a drop-off of 17% to the Position 2 race and more to the further down-ballot Positions 4 and 6.

Only 120-124 additional City Council race votes were counted today. Malchow, Valderrama and Hornish padded their leads by about 20 votes each.

Nov. 6 Election results: Malchow, Valderrama, Hornish continue to gain votes

Update, 7:30pm, Nov. 6: King County Elections did a second data dump. The chart on the right has been updated with the additional information. More than 1,600 votes were counted today Nov 6 Resultsover yesterday.

Original Post:

King County did a second data dump at 7pm last night, something not normally done, with an additional 500 or so votes counted. Chistie Malchow, Ramiro Valderrama and Tom Hornish continued to pad their vote tallies, though percentages were slightly lower than earlier in the day and week.

Today’s data dump (Friday) continued to see the winning three pad their vote totals.

The next County update will be Monday afternoon.

Nov. 5 Sammamish City Council results: Malchow, Valderrama, Hornish pad their vote totals; victory assured

Nov 5 results

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Christie Malchow, Ramiro Valderrama and Tom Hornish continued to increase their lead over Mark Cross, Hank Klein and Tom Vance in the Sammamish City Council race from Tuesday’s election.

New data released at the end of Thursday’s business day shows a modest increase in the vote totals of the first three over the second three. The percent margins changed fractionally.

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