Nov. 9 Sammamish City Council election update

Nov 9 results

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There is little change in the trend of vote results for the Sammamish City Council. The trend continues upward for Christie Malchow, Ramiro Valderrama and Tom Hornish.

The latest results, posted around 7pm Nov. 9, continue to show their vote counts increasing over Mark Cross, Hank Klein and Tom Vance.

Through Nov. 8,  10,399 ballots from Sammamish have been returned. Through Nov. 9, 8,600 votes have been counted in the “down ballot” City Council races, a drop-off of 17% to the Position 2 race and more to the further down-ballot Positions 4 and 6.

Only 120-124 additional City Council race votes were counted today. Malchow, Valderrama and Hornish padded their leads by about 20 votes each.

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