Nov. 10 Sammamish City Council election results

Nov 10 results

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Vote counting for the Sammamish City Council is all but over. There are very few new ballots from Sammamish coming into Elections now. Only three more ballots were accounted for from Sammamish from Sunday night to Monday night, according to County data. There were some 200 ballots that hadn’t been counted during the same period, however. On Monday, a total of 339 new votes were counted, meaning an additional 100+ came in on Monday for counting.

As has been the case since the election, Christie Malchow, Ramiro Valderrama and Tom Hornish padded their vote totals over their opponents.

Through last night, 10,402 ballots had been returned from Sammamish (the next ballot return update is 8pm tonight). There are 28,745 registered voters in Sammamish. The returns through Monday night represent a 36% ballot return. Through today, the highest number of recorded votes in the City Council race was 8,939. This represents 31% of registered voters casting ballots in the “down ballot” City Council races. The figures should not change appreciably with the final results in two weeks.

With the addition of today’s counts in the table, Samamish Comment will conclude its daily election coverage and move on to other topics. The Comment will have the certified results Nov. 24, and a precinct-by-precinct analysis of the vote when this data becomes available.

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