Visual of Sammamish City Council election results

Sammamish Comment has created a visual of the day-by-day election tally for the Sammamish City Council.

As votes were counted, the spread increased imperceptibly but steadily between Christie Malchow and Mark Cross and between Tom Hornish and Tom Vance. Vance’s “faint hope” for a win and his prediction to the Sammamish Review that the final outcome will be “much closer” than last Monday simply don’t hold up. Hornish’s lead continues to build.

The Comment reported on election night that historically the final outcome is within 1%-2% of election night. This pattern continues. All results fall within this band so far, closer to the 1% than to the 2%. Click on the following images isolate from text and then again to enlarge.

Malchow v Cross Nov 12Valderamma v Klein Nov 12Hornish v Vance Nov 12

Through last night 10,418 ballots had been returned from Sammamish–only three additional ballots came in over the weekend. There were 10,205 ballots “ready for counting,” most of which obviously have already been counted. Sammamish Comment estimated a ballot return of about 10,222. There are 28,745 registered voters in Sammamish.


1 thought on “Visual of Sammamish City Council election results

  1. Quick calculation: Approximately 72% of eligible King County, State of Washington voters are registered to vote.
    We can do better, especially leading up to a presidential election year…

    I posted this around noon on November 12th on FB Page Sammamish WA Vote, a non-partisan page I created to provide resources to register to vote and to be ready to vote in WA state from November, ’15 thru the ’16 presidential election:

    Number of registered voters in King County: 1,193,706
    Total ballots counted: 440,753 as of 11/10/2015
    36.92% voter turnout percentage
    Next update from the state elections office: 11/12/2015 4:30 PM
    Ballots on hand needing to be processed: 24,763

    Less than half of registered voters in King County are determining the fate of our region.

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