Malchow, Treen, Gamblin leads continue upward trend

On the third day of ballot returns by King County Elections, the vote leads of Sammamish City Council candidates Christie Malchow, Kent Treen and Ken Gamblin continue to widen over challengers Karen McKnight, Karen Howe and Rituja Indapure.

Through Thursday, 19,520 ballots were returned by Sammamish voters. This represents, so far, a 52.2% turnout, the heaviest in city history for an off-year, city council election. Turnout normally is between 35%-45%.

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Election Results, Day 2: Malchow, Treen, Gamblin widen vote lead

Election results from Day 2 of the Sammamish City Council race saw the winners from election night widen their leads in vote totals, even if the percentages were shaved fractionally.

Incumbent Christie Malchow ended election night with a 2,985 vote lead over challenger Karen McKnight. Today, this vote lead increased to 3,259. The percentage narrowed slightly from 66.35% to 65.83%.

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Continuing election coverage

By Scott Hamilton

Guest Contributor

Sammamish Comment will provide continuing election coverage over the rest of this month.

King County will post result updates daily around 4:15pm. A direct link should be here. The general landing page is here; then click the View Results icon.

With the lopsided, landslide results posted last night, The Comment won’t be posting return updates as in previous elections. We will update the numbers today and then once a week thereafter.

Christie Malchow won reelection by a 2-1 margin over Karen McKnight. Ken Gamblin defeated Rituja Indapure, also by a 2-1 margin. Kent Treen defeated Karen Howe by a 60%-40% margin.

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Election Night Results: Landslide sweep for Malchow, Treen, Gamblin

By Scott Hamilton

Guest Contributor

Nov. 5, 2019:  The control-growth candidates for city council have won in a landslide victory.

Christie Malchow has 66.35% of the election night vote. Kent Treen has 59.6% of the vote. Ken Gamblin has 64.8% of the vote.

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Former Mayor Odell backs Malchow, Gamblin, Treen

By Tom Odell

Guest Column

It’s that time again.  The time that you, as a resident, citizen, and hopefully a voter, get to decide on the future of our both our local government as well as that of the City of Sammamish.

Tom Odell

The decision immediately at hand over the next few days is nothing less that the future nature of our city, Sammamish.  Your opportunity to be heard – and counted – will expire next Tuesday evening, November 5th.

At stake is the composition and direction of the next Sammamish City Council.  The choice should be clear:  one side is for unabated and unrestricted development within our city while the other is for moderated growth that keeps pace with our ability to handle it in terms of the capacity of our transportation system, the schools, and our ability to deal with increasing stormwater runoff issues.

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