Opportunities for civic participation in Sammamish

City_of_SammamishIt’s a new year and a new opportunity for citizen involvement in Sammamish.

Typically, this is thought of as the City asking for volunteers on various commissions and committees appointed by the City Council

But there are several organizations independent of those under the City auspices.

Here is a list, which is hoped all-inclusive. The trouble with lists is that usually someone or something gets left off inadvertently. Apologies if this is the case.

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“Save Sammamish” formalizes, talks growth, trees, roads and budgets at first meeting


Jennifer Kim

A group on Facebook that has about 1,000 followers formalized last night with its first meeting, at the Klahanie Fire Station 83 at Issaquah-Pine Lake Road and SE 32nd.

“Save Sammamish” is a group that discussed growth issues on Facebook. Created by Jennifer Kim, a two-year resident of Sammamish who moved here from California, the Facebook conversations are active if sometimes heated.

Kim distinguished herself from a large crowd in September when, during public comment at a City Council meeting discussing the prospect of a building moratorium, she came armed with facts and figures on a citywide basis instead of personal stories and emotional pleas.

About two dozen people attended the launch meeting, including Council Members Christie Malchow, Tom Hornish and Ramiro Valderrama. Council members Don Gerend, Kathy Huckabay, Bob Keller and Tom Odell did not attend.

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“Save Sammamish” cites facts, not emotions, in moratorium quest

Speaker after speaker Tuesday asked the Sammamish City Council to reject a suggestion that a building moratorium be imposed.

Each one had a personal financial stake of some kind, or represented someone who did, or simply philosophical opposition to the idea.

Only about three people favored the moratorium.

But only one of all those who spoke stood up and presented a fact-based argument backed by details and citing legal questions.


Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Kim, founder of the group Save Sammamish, zeroed in on the state requirements for housing under the Growth Management Act. (The GMA also sets job targets, although this was not part of Kim’s presentation.)

Kim also cited the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the growth targets it contains.

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