Opportunities for civic participation in Sammamish

City_of_SammamishIt’s a new year and a new opportunity for citizen involvement in Sammamish.

Typically, this is thought of as the City asking for volunteers on various commissions and committees appointed by the City Council

But there are several organizations independent of those under the City auspices.

Here is a list, which is hoped all-inclusive. The trouble with lists is that usually someone or something gets left off inadvertently. Apologies if this is the case.

  • Boys and Girls Club. In the early years of Sammamish, there was no place for teens to gather, other than parking lots and the Saffron complex. The Boys and Girls Club provides an option for them. Volunteers are always needed to support activities.
  • Citizens for Sammamish: CFS looks at civic issues that affect Sammamish citizens: growth, traffic, environment, budget, etc. It was behind the right of Initiative and Referendum for Sammamish voters. Harry Shedd is the chairman. It meets on the first Monday of the month at the fire station on north 228th Ave.
  • Friends of Beaver Lake: Beaver Lake is one of three especially environmentally sensitive lakes in Sammamish, designated a so-called 303(d) lake under state regulations. (Pine Lake and Lake Sammamish are the other two.) This group is dedicated to preserving the lake is a high, environmental condition.
  • Friends of Pine Lake: FOPL was formed before Sammamish was incorporated in 1999, while still under King County jurisdiction, to protect environmentally sensitive Pine Lake. Over the years, FOPL broadened its reach to appeal projects outside the Pine Lake basin (Chestnut Estates West, for example). It was founded by activist Ilene Stahl. The current president if Erica Tiliacos.
  • Heritage Society: Dedicated to preserving the history of Sammamish.
  • Kiwanis: This chapter is best known locally for its annual ski swap and the Jumpin’ Jive big band night at the Boys and Girls Club.
  • Kokanee Working Group: King County-sponsors this group dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Kokanee population in Lake Sammamish. Sammamish environmentalist Wally Pereyra is a leading local member.
  • Rotary: Sammamish’s Rotary is an active community service member and the principal sponsor of Nightmare at Beaver Lake.


    Nightmare at Beaver Lake is one of the most popular events in Sammamish, drawing thousands every year. Volunteers are always needed.

  • Sammamish Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber is best known for the organizer of the Farmer’s Market May through October. As with all Chambers, it’s Sammamish’s business organization. Monthly lunches are sponsored.
  • Sammamish Citizens Corp: The Corp, also known as CERTS, is dedicated to disaster preparedness. This group is especially important to Sammamish: there are three earthquake fault lines that run through the southern half of the City, including the dangerous Seattle Fault line. This enters the City roughly at the 7-11 and extends under Pine Lake. But CERTS also reacts to other major events, such as wind storms, etc.
  • Sammamish Friends: This is a group dedicated to environmental issues. Sean Smith is the leader.
  • Save Sammamish: This group emerged last year to address growth and environmental issues. So far, it’s Internet presence is only on Facebook, with more than 1,000 members. Jennifer Kim is the founder. A website is planned. Meets the fourth Monday of the month at the fire station at Issaquah-Pine Lake Road and SE 32nd.
  • Save Lake Sammamish: Like Pine Lake, Lake Sammamish is a particularly environmentally sensitive lake. Save lake Sammamish is dedicated to keeping Lake Sammamish environmentally clean and healthy. Erica Tiliacos is also chairman of this group.

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