“Voters have forgiven Sound Transit”

Voters have forgiven us for past troubles:” Sound Transit CEO. That’s the headline of a story on MyNorthwest.com.

The CEO is reacting to the latest vote in favor of Sound Transit 3, the $54bn project, $27bn tax plan over the next 25 years.

The CEO needs to take another look.

Seattle Times graphic.

Seattle Times graphic.


Pierce County soundly (gfet it?) rejected ST3.

Snohomish County barely passed it.

Bellevue, which has a transit hub and which is getting light rail in ST2 and more in ST3, barely passed it.

Sammamish rejected it.

Issaquah, which gets a light rail station, barely approved it.

Sound Transit passed on the strength of the Seattle vote, which never met a tax it didn’t like. The Seattle Times had the graphic that shows how the vote went across the entire Sound Transit district. There’s a lot of Reject (red).

The ST CEO and the entire board should get the message that they are short-changing and ripping off the outlying areas.


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