Sammamish Council Retreat, Day 3: More on barricades; Community Outreach; and more

City_of_SammamishJan. 16, 2016: The third and last day of the Sammamish City Council Retreat saw yet a third run at the 42nd St. barricade issue.

(Our post yesterday has also been updated.)

Greg Reynolds, the leading proponent for removing the barricade, said City officials admitted the roadway on the west side of the barricade is unsafe, requiring action to fix the situation and remove the barricade, or it faces liabilities if it takes no action.

This is the other side of the same coin argued by a leading opponent who has since moved out of state, Rick Kuprewicz, who argued Sammamish would be opening itself to liabilities if it removed the barricade because of the unsafe road.

Sammamish inherited the problems, including the barricade and road design, from King County, which approved both before incorporation.

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Vance promised barricade discussion in July or September; both have come and gone and no discussions

Sammamish Mayor Tom Vance promised in March the City Council would have a

Tom Vance, Mayor of Sammamish.

discussion of the controversial 42nd Street barricade in July or September.

July came and went. No discussion.

Now September City Council meetings have come and gone. No discussion.

The NE 42nd St barricade issue has been around for 10 years and, other than the East Lake Sammamish Trail and tree retention has probably been the most controversial and lingering issues facing the Sammamish City Council.

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