New taxes, 42nd St barricade removal, road improvements recommended

Feb. 19, 2019: The Sammamish city manager is laying the groundwork to the city council to impose the first utility tax of up to 3%, to begin imposing annual 1% property tax increases and to undertake pinpoint traffic improvements—including the controversial removal of the 42nd St. barricade in Timberline.

These proposals are in the packet for tonight’s city council meeting, beginning at PDF page 65.

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Council is the root cause of marathon public comment

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Sammamish Retreat 2017

The Sammamish City Council yesterday created an ad hoc committee to come up with ideas to reduce the number of marathon public comment sessions.

However, in the discussion, not one Council Member or staff put their finger on the root problem. It is the Sammamish City Council’s own fault.

The following is my public comment given this morning on the topic.–Scott Hamilton.

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Vance promised barricade discussion in July or September; both have come and gone and no discussions

Sammamish Mayor Tom Vance promised in March the City Council would have a

Tom Vance, Mayor of Sammamish.

discussion of the controversial 42nd Street barricade in July or September.

July came and went. No discussion.

Now September City Council meetings have come and gone. No discussion.

The NE 42nd St barricade issue has been around for 10 years and, other than the East Lake Sammamish Trail and tree retention has probably been the most controversial and lingering issues facing the Sammamish City Council.

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Barricades: Promises made, promises broken over 10 years; kicking the can down the road another two years

Perhaps the highest profile issue after the East Lake Sammamish Trail to consistently vex the City Council is “barricades.” And most specifically, the “42nd St. barricade” in the Northeast corner of the City that separates the Hidden Ridge and Timberline neighborhoods.

At the March 17 Council meeting, residents from the neighborhoods appeared during the public comment session to support or oppose removing the barricade on 42nd. The public comments sessions begins at the start the meeting, and the testimony is interspersed with comment on other topics.

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