“You don’t hate someone you know” – Police Chief Bennett’s parting advice to the community

By Kimberly Siegel-Wolf

Major Michelle Bennett

Sammamish is recognized as one of the safest cities in the United States and the safest in the state of Washington.  Responsible for law enforcement in Sammamish for the last three years was Chief Michelle Bennett, who was recently promoted within the Sheriff’s department and thus is leaving Sammamish. 

The Sammamish Comment sat down with Chief Bennett for one last interview before she moves on. 

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New taxes, 42nd St barricade removal, road improvements recommended

Feb. 19, 2019: The Sammamish city manager is laying the groundwork to the city council to impose the first utility tax of up to 3%, to begin imposing annual 1% property tax increases and to undertake pinpoint traffic improvements—including the controversial removal of the 42nd St. barricade in Timberline.

These proposals are in the packet for tonight’s city council meeting, beginning at PDF page 65.

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