Election Night: Legislative Races of interest to Sammamish

Here are Election Night results for the 41st and 45th Legislative Districts. The 41st covers the south half of Sammamish and the 45th the north half.

The 5th LD used to cover all but eight Sammamish precincts, but redistricting removed Sammamish from the 5th entirely. It continues to cover Klahanie, however, so I’m including these results.

All state races, including initiatives, can be found on the State website here.

All King County election results may be found here.

Each state and county website updates daily except weekends and Thanksgiving near the end of the business day.

5th LD


Democrat Mark Mullet is leading with 53.8%; I’m calling this a win for Mullet. This means the Republicans almost certainly won’t take over the State Senate.

House Position 2:

Chad Magendanz is winning with 54.8% of the vote. I’m calling this his win.
Jay Rodne was unopposed for Position 1.

41st LD


Steve Litzow is leading with 53.5% of the vote. I’m calling this for Litzow.

House Seat #1

Marcia Maxwell has won with 58% of the vote. Judy Clibborn is unopposed for Position 2.

45th LD-House Representatives

Position 1

Roger Goodman has won reelection with 56% of the vote.

Position 2

Larry Springer has won reelection with 57% of the vote.

Election Night: Community City too close to call; Yes leads by 292 (51%)

Election Night results were posted by King County at about 8:15pm and Proposition 1, the Advisory Vote for the Sammamish Community Center, results are 51% Yes and 49% No (6,806 to 6,514).

I’m calling this race as too close to call tonight. The margin is close enough to make this call. In every Sammamish election since incorporation, the final vote count hasn’t varied more than 1%-2%, so tonight’s margin of 2% is one that can change as votes come in.

Election Night turnout was not shown on King County’s new format. This turnout typically doubles by the final tally in normal elections. In presidential years, Sammamish turnout is between 81% and 85%. The Secretary of State’s office predicts a statewide turnout of 81% and the King County Elections chief predicts an 87% turnout for the county.

Because Proposition 1 is well down-ballot, I don’t expect this vote total to match King County’s by several percentage points.

King County will update results daily except weekends and holidays here.

Revisiting the “Notch”

Sammamish is once again interested in annexing the so-called Notch. This post, which has a link within it to another post, explains my view about the Notch.

Annexing the Notch at the current R-1 zoning doesn’t bring anything to Sammamish. Annexing the Notch as R-6, in neighboring Trossochs, doesn’t bring anything to Sammamish, either.

The Notch should be annexed as a mixed use development patterned after Juanita Village in Kirkland. See the earlier post for descriptions.

Sammamish City Council Campaign Contributions detailed

In my previous post, I gave a high-level recap of who’s supporting whom in the City Council race. I’ve now had the time to detail this based on campaign contributions reported to the Public Disclosure Commission.

The two page PDF may be downloaded here: Sammamish Campaign Contributions90811.

The listing of who’s supporting whom in this format allows the readers to draw their own conclusions across the spectrum of candidates. Most readers are unlikely to know just “who the players are;” old hands understand who’s who and what’s what by looking at this list, and I explained some of this in the previous post.

I’ve now had the opportunity to speak with five of the six candidates on the issues (since July). Future postings will discuss these impressions. The details of the conversations will remain confidential.