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Influencing the City Council Elections: follow the money…from outside Sammamish

By Miki Mullor

Outside money is flowing to Sammamish city council elections at prodigious rates as ballots arrive at mailboxes this week. 

  • “Livable Sammamish,” former Mayor Don Gerend’s Political Action Committee, got additional $19,000 from the Town Center developer, for a total of $44,000.
  • McKnight raise less than 3% of her funds from Sammamish donors and self funding $11,000 of her $26,000 budget.
  • Sixty percent of Indapure’s donors and 69% of the cash contributions are from outside Sammamish.
  • Malchow and Ken Gamblin raise over 90% from Sammamish donors.
  • Karen McKnight, Rituja Indapure and Christie Malchow each crossed the $10,000 mark.
  • UPDATE: WA Realtors PAC spend $11,500 to promote McKnight
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Op-Ed: Civic Engagement Can Improve Your World

By Stephanie Rudat
Guest contributor

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” -Anne Frank

Stephanie Rudat

It is strange to think that Anne Frank, huddled in a tiny room with her family and some family friends, would have world improvement on her mind. She may not have had civic engagement on her mind. Hers was a mind that focused on the beauty of nature, on pouring your thoughts onto paper, which cannot judge you. But civic engagement is a sacred way to improve the world in the United States. Or, at least, it used to be.

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Sahalee Candidate forum: How would you vote on concurrency?

The Sahalee (and Timberline) Candidate forum was 2:21 hours long.

The next bite-size question is “How would you vote on concurrency ?”


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Disinformation on City’s Human Services at heart of smear campaign against Malchow

By Miki Mullor

As the tragic accidental overdose death of a local student unfolded last week, two politically-linked citizens mounted a smear campaign against Mayor Christie Malchow, who is seeking re-election. 

This is an unusually long report. Its importance is in the proof of a disinformation campaign waged against Malchow on social media–and the evidence dispelling the false narrative. 

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Seattle-based Sammamish Town Center developer pours money into Council elections

By Miki Mullor

  • R.D. Merrill of Seattle contributed $25,000 to “Livable Sammamish” PAC (Political Action Committee), headed by former Mayor Don Gerend and former Council Member Kathy Huckabay.
  • R.D. Merrill partnered with STCA to develop Phase 1 of the Town Center, a 419 unit project and 98,000 sq/ft of retail, located on SE 4th St.
  • “Livable Sammamish” is opposing “Sammamish Life”, a Sammamish residents PAC headed by Michael Scoles.
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Three candidates to skip a Chamber of Commerce’s candidate forum; two cite bias

By Miki Mullor

Three candidates for the Sammamish City Council have withdrawn from the Oct. 7 Chamber of Commerce forum.

One has to attend to a gravely ill family member and two cite bias by the Chamber for withdrawing.

This morning, Ken Gamblin and Kent Treen announced they will not participate in an Oct. 7 forum organized by the Chamber. Mayor Christie Malchow will be out of town on that day, caring for her gravely ill mother in Colorado. 

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