Sammamish, in surprise move, adopts a building moratorium to deal with traffic concurrency

Deputy Mayor Christie Malchow

The Sammamish City Council, in a surprise move, unanimously adopted a building moratorium for six months to make time to sort out the traffic concurrency problems that emerged in June.

The item was not on the agenda. Deputy Mayor Christie Malchow introduced the ordinance declaring an emergency to adopt the moratorium. Member Tom Odell seconded.

She said it became clear in a study session Monday night and in previous meetings that staff process was “trumping” policy.

Underlying assumptions in Table T-8 in the Comprehensive Plan can’t be addressed until the next update in a year. T-8 details traffic counts and other data.

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Sammamish City Council Position 3 Questionnaires today

Today Sammamish Comment publishes the candidate questionnaires of Position 3 for City Council.

Position 1 was yesterday. Positions 5 and 7 follow this week in sequence.

Position 3

The candidates for Position 3 are Karen Howe and Karen Moran.

The candidate responses are printed verbatim. The Comment only checked their responses for spelling and grammar. Each response is in its own post, so scroll down on The Comment’s Home Page to see each response.

The responses were reviewed and processed by Jen Baisch.

Position 1 Responses

Mark Baughman

Jason Ritchie



Position 3: Karen Howe Questionnaire

Karen Howe

Name: Karen Howe

Position sought: Sammamish City Council Pos. 3

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