Stan Bump, Sammamish icon, passes away

Aug. 12, 2015: Stan Bump, a very close friend, formerly of Sammamish and a former member of the Sammamish Planning Commission, died yesterday after a long struggle with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Stan Bump

Stan and his wife Ellie became a fixture at Sammamish City Council meetings after his term expired on the Planning Commission. The Council reserved seats for them in the front row–the only citizens so honored–for their long dedication to attending council meetings.

Stan was a career Naval officer, retiring as Rear Admiral, with his last command that of Kings Bay (GA), an Ohio-Class Trident Nuclear submarine base. When I had to unusual opportunity of spending two days and two nights on the Trident sub, USS Maryland, in the Atlantic out of Kings Bay, I saw Adm. Stan Bump St. on the base.

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Conflict of interest at City Hall

The last 18 months was rife with conflict of interest at City Hall. Maybe this year will be better.

It started with a proposal by the City staff to identify an area called “the Notch” as a potential annexation area (PAA) for the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This is 44 acres surrounded on two sides by Trossachs in the far southeast part of the City, one side by High Country and fronted by Duthie Hill Road. The Urban Growth Boundary Line (UGB) follows Duthie Hill Road but carves out this 44 acres–the Notch–for reasons that made no sense when it happened.

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