Applicants seeks 2m sf in Town Center

Update: Reader Bump is correct in his comment below.

Original Post:

The Docket request filed by some landowners in the Southeast Quadrant in the Sammamish Town Center seeks a general upzoning over the 600,000 sf approved to a total of 1.38 1.98 million sf so the quadrant can have a “proportional” increase from 90,000 sf to 300,000 sf.

The Docket request also proposes a 20% increase in the SE Quadrant residential zoning (from R-15 to R-18), which accounting for the “proportional” request means the total residential units in the TC would increase to 2,400 from 2,000 approved by the City Council in 2008. Another estimated 225 residential units are possible through the proposed transfer of development rights still being prepared by the City staff.

A close reading of the Docket request by this column revealed the true nature of the Docket, which has been represented by the applicants as desiring 300,000 sf of commercial and 144 more residential units than in the approved TC Plan.

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