Rodne won’t run for reelection

Lost in all the hoopla over the Legislature’s vote to exempt itself from the Public Records

Jay Rodne. Photo via Google images.

Act and the drama over its repeal, State Rep. Jay Rodne (R-5th) announced Feb. 28 he won’t run for reelection.

Rodne vote for the exemption. He was nearly defeated in 2016 by Jason Ritchie, a Democrat who lives in the Klahanie neighborhood in Sammamish. Ritchie led Rodne on election night but the tide turned as votes were counted, and Rodne won reelection narrowly.

Ritchie ran the next year for Sammamish City Council and won.

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Inslee doesn’t deserve all the accolades in vetoing Public Records exemption bill


Gov. Jay Inslee did the right thing in vetoing SB6617, which exempts the Legislature from

Jay Inslee. Photo via Google images.

the Public Records Act.

But, as it turns out, he doesn’t deserve all the accolades he’s receiving. In fact, he was complicit.

In his own press statement issued last night announcing the veto was this sentence:

“Though I expressed concerns about the outline of the bill, I did tell legislators I would let the bill become law if they delivered it with enough votes to override a veto.” (Emphasis added.)

So much for the principal that Legislators should be open and transparent about public records.

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Why I support the Town Center

By Jason Ritchie

Member, Sammamish City Council

Guest Contributor

By Jason Ritchie

I stand by my words in the email quoted in the Sammamish Comment. I’m a strong supporter of the Town Center development plan. But that’s not the whole story. So let’s get specific.

Hold developers accountable

The Town Center plan is simply a plan. It has a lot of details that need to be negotiated. Implementing any plan is where we will determine our success. It’s up to the citizens of Sammamish, their elected City Council and city staff to hold all developers accountable. I intend to keep doing that.

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