Democrats, Unions lining up behind some City Council candidates

Democratic elected officials and other known Democrats, plus several labor union organizations, are lining up behind several candidates in the Sammamish City Council primary.

The City Council is a non-partisan election, but it’s not at all unusual for the Democratic and Republican parties to endorse and even send mailers or undertake robocalls on behalf of candidates.

So far, the Republicans haven’t endorsed any of the candidates–at least none is listed on any of the candidate websites–except for King County Council Member Kathy Lambert.

Unlike the 2015 City Council election, the incumbents are largely staying out of this election. The exception: Kathy Huckabay, who is retiring at the end of her term in December. Huckabay publicly endorsed Jason Ritchie, who is running in Position 1. (Position 1 is not on the Aug. 1 primary ballot, however.)

Former Mayor Tom Vance, who was defeated in his bid for reelection in 2015, endorsed two candidates.

Behind the scenes, several Council Members are helping candidates.

A graphic of the elected officials and organization endorsements is below the jump.



5 thoughts on “Democrats, Unions lining up behind some City Council candidates

  1. Does this represent a significant shift in the Council, or has it usually leaned left like this? I had the sense that most members of recent City Councils were center-right.

  2. Hah… a “Master Builders Association” endorsement.

    Someone doesn’t quite have their finger on the pulse of hot button issues in Sammamish…

  3. Hello Concerned Ctizen, As a candidate for Sammamish City Council, I’m hoping to bring in a balanced point of view and build consensus. I sought the endorsement of the Master Builders Association, the Washington Conservation Voters as well as many others, to better understand their individual motives in Sammamish. If you are looking for a candidate who only listens to one side, I’m not your candidate. I’m someone who is willing to learn, balance competiting interests and find the best path forward for our city. I hope I can earn your vote.

  4. Have a difficult time distinguishing between candidates. Have emailed them all; if no response automatically don’t get my vote. Personal thoughts of who to vote for? I keep dragging up history for one candidate.

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