Keller is Mayor through the end of the year

Bob Keller

Bob Keller has been selected mayor through the end of the year.

Don Gerend resigned as mayor, but remains on the City Council, due to personal commitments.

Council Member Tom Hornish nominated Ramiro Valderrama for mayor for the sake of leadership continuity with a new Council coming in come January.

Christie Malchow

Valderrama’s nomination was defeated on a 4-3 vote.

Council Member Tom Odell nominated Deputy Mayor Keller. Odell noted Keller’s long public service. Keller’s vote was unanimous.

Christ Malchow was named deputy mayor unanimously.


2 thoughts on “Keller is Mayor through the end of the year

  1. Could you please publish to voting record for that mayoral vote.
    It will give me a lot of information moving forward with new fall candidates as I compare who has endorsed new candidates with this recent vote. Lots of information in this vote.

    • 3-4 in favor of Valderrama on the first vote (Valderrama, Hornish, Malchow in favor).
      Unanimous for Keller once Valderrama was declined.

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