This Gang of 4 deserves thanks


Four long-time civic leaders in Sammamish decided not to seek reelection the City Council. They deserve the thanks for their community service here, and in the case of one member, her service pre-dating Sammamish.

Don Gerend, Bob Keller, Kathy Huckabay and Tom Odell will go off the Council Dec. 31. Each has put in years of public service doing what they think is best and working toward a goal of a better Sammamish.

Certainly, many will disagree with many of their decisions, tactics and in some cases, demeanor. But everyone should understand that there was no nefarious agenda, only what they thought was best for the City.

To be sure, I have had my political and personal differences with each. I’ve supported, and wound up opposing, each as I disagreed with policies pursued and tactics undertaken.

But none of this diminishes the debt of gratitude owed to public servants whose only thanks, all too often, is complaint and criticism.

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