Common Cause Housing Balance for Sammamish-Part 2

Part 1 may be found here.

  • How to attain sustainable housing affordability, create vast community wealth and improve driver experiences.

Paul Stickney

By Paul Stickney

Guest Contributor

Article Two of Three

I am beginning Article Two with five transparent Position Statements:

  • Traffic concurrency should limit additional single-family homes in most of the City, that we have Internal oversupplies of; and Traffic concurrency should NOT limit adding smaller and different homes in our Centers that we have Internal undersupplies of.
  • It is not who’s right, it is what’s right for the majority of Sammamish residents over time.
  • In Sammamish, our Internal Housing ‘Needs and Wants’ deficient supply gap numbers are from 2-4 times the size of our External growth target number.
  • As a City, we should make a paradigm shift from “Keeping all Housing to a minimum within Sammamish” to “Ensure Housing supply reaches optimum sustainability within Sammamish.”
  • We, as a community, are HOLISTACALLY far better off with Housing Balance, then without

Please, evaluate these five position statements as you read and critique this series of articles.

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