Disaster exercise Saturday, Oct. 31: Info Hubs

InfoHub Locations

Info Hub locations in Sammamish. Click on image to enlarge.

There will be a disaster drill exercise Saturday, Oct. 31, in Sammamish for residents of the City call Info Hub. Hours are from 9am to 1pm. Since it is Halloween, children showing up with parents will receive a prize.

This is a “drop-in” event, not something for which residents have to plan a four hour commitment.

The Sammamish Citizens Corp. (SCC), a volunteer group that is affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security, is the organizer. The City of Sammamish will also participate.

“In the event of Catastrophic Disaster, the Citizens of Sammamish need to be able to be on their own for 3-10 days,” says the SCC.  “Part of recovery is to reunite family members and to share resources within the community.  By creating a meeting place accessible to a larger population and sharing that information, neighbors will have a place to go to give and get information and resources.  Each Info Hub will need communicators.   By using the Elementary School boundaries, we can divide the plateau into 11 zones and locate the Info Hubs at a public/private Park within that zone.  There can be multiple Info Hubs within the boundary of an elementary school.”

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