Malchow, Treen, Gamblin leads continue upward trend

On the third day of ballot returns by King County Elections, the vote leads of Sammamish City Council candidates Christie Malchow, Kent Treen and Ken Gamblin continue to widen over challengers Karen McKnight, Karen Howe and Rituja Indapure.

Through Thursday, 19,520 ballots were returned by Sammamish voters. This represents, so far, a 52.2% turnout, the heaviest in city history for an off-year, city council election. Turnout normally is between 35%-45%.

Nov 7 returnsSeventy-four percent of the returned ballots have been counted.

There are still outstanding ballots. The number is believed in the hundreds.

It is mathematically impossible for McKnight, Howe and Indapure to reverse the election night result.

As of Wednesday night, none of the three conceded the races.

Votes will continue to dribble in during the next three weeks. The election is certified on Nov. 26.

Sammamish Comment will shift to weekly result updates since the election is decided.

2 thoughts on “Malchow, Treen, Gamblin leads continue upward trend

  1. A fantastic election result defeating the progressive team. Hopefully the elected people will keep their word. HM.

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